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Prose - Monster


What makes a man a monster?
What simplest word can cause the tamed lion to bite?
The gentlest rainfall can turn into a thunderstorm in a matter of minutes,
The light crackle from an April shower— it can bellow up into a terrifying shudder—
Shaking the Earth below it,
Rattling the wooden limbs above it.

Everybody has a Mr. Hyde,
Though concealed with false words and a pressing smile,
Even the bat of beautiful lashes, or the teasing words of a delicate whisper,
Sometimes things are like a rose,
Stunning to see, but hurtful to touch.

They say, “what a wretched creature; crack the whip”,
But I’m telling you this,
It is what it is.
Those who do not believe,
Have not yet looked in the mirror.

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Duck, duck…

The choices amongst me
are an infinity.
The star filled sky
is a straighter road
than the one I walk - with
possibility circling
around me just as
a vulture from above
hunting in wait for
the putrid dead
to ferment and decay.

Each road I’ve
been shown
carries thousands of
footprints, numerous lives
already marking the trail,
yet the sands of time
blow anew over every
new soul to wonder
against every winding route.

So I’m left here,
to choose which trail
in this winter
will turn to spring,
or turn to cliffs
and falls - and leaving
me to falter, prolonging
my search for a
life to finally lead.


i’ve already decided i’m gonna cosplay GLaDOS y’all just watch me

So glad. It’s gonna be great.

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I don’t like being around these people.
I lose my sense of self,
my humanity is disposed of.
They ask to see a smile,
and my distant mind forgets
what that’s supposed to mean.

My memory loses consciousness,
and my senses reflect the loss.

I don’t wish to be alive
around these certain folk,
and so I try—unknowingly—
to transpose flesh to stone,
and play with pigeons
instead of smiling a lie
toward these blood-filled ruins
that carry more than just
old memories and older names.

I need a means of
restoration—I need
to settle for sanity
rather than wait
for luxury that may
never be found
amongst these waves
of aged rubble.


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When Lilo graduated from High School, Grand Councilwoman immediately calls her and tells her that she is really interested for her to become a future Captain of the Galactic Armada, but for her to do that she will first have to attend G.A.C.C. (Galactic Alliance Community College). Lilo is happy for the offer, but says that she will only accept if Stitch could go with her.

With the Councilwoman’s approval, both friends waste no time to pack their bags, excited of what their future awaits.

I would watch this so hard

Lilo and Stitch is my favourite Disney film of all times, and I’d definitely watch this.

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When someone with stanky breath talks to you really close


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