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I always loved this quote when I was younger.

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Young The Giant Cover Nirvana’s “Lithium”



Young The Giant recently covered Nirvana's “Lithium.” Enjoy the cover below after the jump.

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An Old Foreshadowing Thought

My writing isn’t beautiful

My writing isn’t dark

My writing isn’t some great mystery,
some great expression,
some great something
that I felt had
to be relayed

My writing is my thoughts,
my feelings, my need
to breathe, the result
of my yearning
and my unease

I’m writing
to share the world,
or at least parts of it,
with you -

cause, sometimes,
it’s hard for me
to walk closely, or
make a call
so that I can share
those moments too.

There are halos in the wind,
the air we breathe in are wings
for both angels and demons
and our luck,

and reformation, and renaissance,
clings to thoughts we think,
the ones expelled,
the ones brought in
like an anchor holding on

heaven on earth
and we mix it with
our hell—
we get the grey,
the brackish water

we’ll have something
at the very least to drink,

and we’ll drink to ourselves -
glasses raised even as
hearts stay heavy

like a stone lifted, though,
day in and day out
the muscle grows strong

don’t let go—
not until you
can throw the weight
far enough outside
of the blast zone.

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Prose - Monster


What makes a man a monster?
What simplest word can cause the tamed lion to bite?
The gentlest rainfall can turn into a thunderstorm in a matter of minutes,
The light crackle from an April shower— it can bellow up into a terrifying shudder—
Shaking the Earth below it,
Rattling the wooden limbs above it.

Everybody has a Mr. Hyde,
Though concealed with false words and a pressing smile,
Even the bat of beautiful lashes, or the teasing words of a delicate whisper,
Sometimes things are like a rose,
Stunning to see, but hurtful to touch.

They say, “what a wretched creature; crack the whip”,
But I’m telling you this,
It is what it is.
Those who do not believe,
Have not yet looked in the mirror.

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