Random Ramblings-Tendency

"Menace & her majesty

wish to find some substance.”

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I remember when I used to tell stories as a child. He was such a happy child, my parents say. What happened, dear? I wish the little boy - the one that apparently fled to Neverland and placed a pirate in his stead - could have maybe explained things before flying away. Maybe then the stories could have continued on their happy route, and not be pillaged by the scallywag too tied to the ground. He’s too tied down to chains he doesn’t remember taking on.

Ha, Ha, Happenstance Intrigue

    Words said and written by anyone willing to send them are never worthless, pointless, or meaningless. They’re all just building blocks to who we are, so that is what this is for.  I felt like building something again. I’ve been writing poetry like there’s no tomorrow on a few little notepads for the last hour or so. Sitting down, trying to relax, but finding that my mind is tearing at my body for reasons I can’t find in my baffling little brain, and it’s unsettling—but enlightening. I seemed to gravitate to history, and to the past, and to dwelling on the things I want—and what I wanted then. I can’t even think of how I was before, and how blind we all are before we start opening our eyes, but then again I’ve been realizing that I don’t really know when we truly start, or how we start, that lifelong process. Music helps, learning what feeling is is an assistance, but I don’t remember when or how I opened my eyes and saw the world through something more than my selfishness and idiocy. Sometimes I don’t think I ever did, but I don’t think we can ever really know. That just seems to be how this stupid life goes. It’s beautiful, though. This whole thing we go through. Loneliness, love, compassion, hate, anger, and everything in between. It’s a mess, but we make so much out of it—if we just choose to do so.  Choices, my friends. Choices—the bane and blessing of existence.  Does anyone know exactly who they want to be? Does anyone know where each branch of the open road will take us?

Under Cut Prose-Some things…

You know what I love…..

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"I don’t want to change who I was before, I just want to perfect who I am now."


Be Baffled-Or be Broken


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Two Bottle Tops & Half a Century

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Update: Some of my pleasant peoples…

So I’ve got good new and I’ve got bad news.

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Random Ramblings-A Sad Need

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Update Oh Mine-Nothin Much

I should really post some of my stuffs, but I’m not gonna…

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"And in reverie I wait to be renewed by this new-found feeling of rescue. I’m freed, even just slightly, from myself, by simply finding what was always there to be found."

Me, myself, and the inspiration from someone else.
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